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Relation-ship with a blind musician

I would like to know, wich activities can we do together?
We are musicians. I really love my boyfriend
I'm trying to read and to learn more about. I need some advices.

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Re: Relation-ship with a blind musician

Start by finding out if he is interested in any of the things you already like to do. If not, get a local paper and look at the community calendar for upcoming events. Read through the list and maybe you'll discover something you'd both like to check out. It's a process, just don't let it get dull.

Re: Relation-ship with a blind musician

It is not easy on a sighted spouse. Whenever I would go out my sighted spouses of the past would comment on how we would be starred at all the time as I would have my cane out the the majority of the populace is ignorant and so would stare at us.
Donald The Blind Webmaster
The US Blind Resource Directory

Re: Relation-ship with a blind musician

Hi, I am legally blind & live on the south side of South Bend, Indiana. I would really like to date. If anyone knows a nice blind or partially sighted woman 40-52 in that area that would like to date please contact me. I enjoy movies, live bands & sports. Thanks, Mark

Re:Relation-ship with a blind musician


I am a college degreed sighted female who is into the arts. I write, take photos, play music, enjoy the orchestra,(but hate going alone to concerts). I also enjoy outdoor activities, water sports like swimming, and tons more.
I would like to meet a blind man who is aged 34-53, who lives in the Dallas, TX area.
I would like them to be a God fearer (as I am), a n/s, dd free, and willing to begin as friends. PLEASE be kind and fun (not angry or mean thank you). Have had enough of angry men!

Re:Relation-ship with a blind musician


being a legally blind musician, I really thing that you don't know what your asking, really. I mean,
try refrasing it:
"why am I afraid to address the issues of what this man in front of me likes / doesn't like with him?"
"will I offend a blind person by suggesting activities that they can not do even if I want to do it really bad?"
"every individual is totally different not just in abilities but interests so asking other ppl what someone is capable of is silly. "
at the heart of every relationship is compassion, if you ask him anything you want to, in a compassionate way, making yourself vulnerable instead of applying pressure with the question I find there is never any real problems other then the ones we make in our minds...
.... maybe neither of you know what new activities you'd enjoy together, but thats often the most fun! explore!

Re:Relation-ship with a blind musician

I would have to agree with Joe! There is no stopping us, when it comes to being active. If you would like to pick the brains of well educated blind/VI people, the feel free to call a chat line owned and operated by 2 VI youngsters @ 616-980-7272 and we will be more than happy to run ideas by you and answer any and all questions! This chatline is open to EVERYONE, but its just an added bonus when you throw in a bunch of blind mice! Take care and good luck!

Re:Relation-ship with a blind musician

All kinds of activities -- what are his interests? Persons who are blind do all kinds of activities besides driving and there is even some developments going on with that. Skiing with a guide, long walks, hiking, canoeing, enjoying the arts, theatre, travel, fitness, and many other things.

There all kinds of things out there now.

If you ellaborate a bit, we can probably try and help. And, add some things that you believe your boyfriend is interested in.

Have an amazing day!

Joe S.
AFB Staff

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