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Research on motivations of non-travel

Dear Forum members,

I am currently researching inclusive travel experiences of people with and without visual impairment. In order to study the motivation of people participating in such holidays, it is also essential to touch upon the situations where people voluntarily choose not to travel. If you have the means to travel (for trips with at least one overnight stay) but you choose not to, or if you have traveled in the past but have not done it in the recent years, I invite you to participate in a telephone interview for research purposes. You can read more details about the interview and the research by following the link below. You can also use the form to sign up for an interview and you will be contacted in one of the time slots that you have indicated. The link also includes my affiliation and contact details for further questions. Thank you!

Link to the form:

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Re: Research on motivations of non-travel

Dear wordsmithing,
Thank you for your response! I appreciate your honesty and I understand your concerns. Just to respond, I would like to note that this research is not commercial (it is not funded by any company or other source), but is rather my work towards a doctorate degree. Furthermore, I have chosen telephone interviews as they provide more depth and context to the individual responses which would be impossible to achieve by means of a survey. Interviews are a common qualitative research tool used for exploratory research.
Thank you for pointing me to the issue of affording travel. I am aware of this issue, but I also hypothesize that this is not the only reason why people choose not to travel. I hope this covered some of your concerns.
Thank you once again for reaching out!

Re: Research on motivations of non-travel

This is certainly a marketing research type of question. People may be willing to respond anonymously to questions about their travel preferences. In this time of increased concern over computer security, you can use tools such as Survey Monkey to inquire into people's travel habits and still steer clear of asking for phone numbers, addresses and email addresses.
You also have done enough background research to know to ask about the ability to afford to travel. You realize that unemployment among legally blind folks is extremely high and this may be a barrier to travel. Also, a certain number of legally blind folks may lack mobility skills such as good cane techniques or working with a guide dog partner. Having said all that, lots of legally blind folks travel extensively.

Re: Research on motivations of non-travel

Thanks for sharing.

Shannon Carollo

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