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Roleplaying & Blind

Greets. I recently created a free roleplaying game that can be played by those who are blind or with some visual impairment because it is all text based so you can use your screen reader. We already have many who are blind playing and they gave me the idea to tell more about it. See:

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Re: RPGs & Blind

Here is the latest large update to ROK II, now finishing up the Army Text Battle Map so you can command generals and their soldiers all via your browser: or start playing

Re: Roleplaying & Blind

OHH WOW!! Thats such a great news I must say.

Re: Roleplaying & Blind

Wow, you're quite skilled! Thanks for the info.


Re: Roleplaying & Blind

Sure, I can do that. I'm an old school DM. I do this to help my sons on the Autism Spectrum: I write code for medieval fantasy as a hobby (been a D&D DM for years), but I'm also a writer and merged the two (like a MUD or Text based RPG): collaborating medieval fantasy character building while writing asynchronously with other writers, is it possible? Yes, you create a novel about your Character while playing. Can you alter a medieval fantasy story made for everyone? Do it on your laptop or mobile anytime without having to install an app for free? Yes, you can do all in this game. There are lots of videos there that explain everything, the page itself also explains. Looking for writers to come on board and help build the world!

Re: Roleplaying & Blind

Interesting, thanks for sharing. Can you tell us a little more about the game?

Shannon Carollo

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