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Seeking Advice On Wildlife Art, or Abstract Art Collectors

Hello Everyone,

I am a former wildlife artist, no longer producing new art, after transitioning onto another career path. Currently, I have 9 custom framed Giclees art prints that I am trying to sell. Do you know anyone who likes animals and nature? Do you know anyone who likes abstract art? The abstract piece is an artistic representation of retinitis pigmentosa – a very popular print among blindness professionals, exhibitors and private collectors. These paintings are all original and quite detailed.

If there is anyone out there who can provide me with a name of an avid wildlife, or abstract art collector, I would be extremely grateful. Detailed text descriptions are available for the non visual consumer. Please feel free to contact me, at my private e-mail address:
And, I will provide you with all the information you’ll need to view and learn more about these prints and my life as an artist.

I look forward to any replies, even if just to chat about art, or your own experiences with an artistic endeavor. Thank you so much! -- John

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