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Services and activities in a community center

My name is Monica and I am currently doing my 4th year of the Bachelor of Interior Design program at Humber College.

I am conducting a survey for a Thesis project on the "services and activities in a community centre for visually impaired and blind people". This focuses on physical, psychological and sociological therapy on which the intention promotes activities such as sports, art and craft, theatre among other which will help the user to be more active and have a change in lifestyle.
I would appreciate your help
Thank You

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making Services and activities in a community center accessible and welcoming to all, no matter what their level of vision is

article highlights ways to make sure the local gym or community center is open to sighted, low vision and blind users alike. Conscientious choice of equipment and a bit of forethought about gym layout will do much to welcome all who wish to stay fit, no matter what their level of vision.
Exercising Your Right to Fitness: An Overview of the Accessibility of Exercise Equipment

Re: Services and activities in a community center

Are you thinking of integrating services for those of us who are blind or low vision into the day to day activities of a local community center? Or is this supposed to be a Blindness Center, a agency created for clients who are blind and not including sighted clients in an integrated program?
More and more people lose vision late in life. They still want to participate with friends in their communities. More and more local communities are realizing that the demographics of blind populations is changing. The below link has information for you on demographics.
Please do your best to create a Center which is inclusive of blind and low vision people rather than some separate center which walls off this population from our sighted peers.
Please remember we are people first and disabled second.
Rather than offering us physical, psychological and sociological therapy", you may want to partner with blind and low vision adults, thinking of us as equals. Together we can think about how all community centers can become easier for everybody to use, be they blind, low vision or whatever.
Please ask questions on this and other message boards so you can begin to learn about how capable the population you seek to serve really is.

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