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Shared Experiences - Need Help

Hi Everyone,
My name is Ron and I'm visually impaired. Recently I started volunteering to host a radio talk show in the Dallas Fort Worth area. The show is targeted towards visually impaired individuals and it's purpose is to share experiences of those affected by vision loss.
If you live in the Dallas Fort Worth area and would like to help others in the visually impaired community, please contact me at to be a guest on my show. The goal of the show is to provide a connection through shared experiences.
Thank you!

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Re: Shared Experiences - Need Help


I would love to share my experience with the visually impaired.Recently Team Live Braille gave few of its devices to the visually impaired and after seeing the response i was highly satisfied with my efforts to bring a change for the people with low vision.

The visually impaired were able to commute to places freely and adapted to the device very quickly.Try out now yourself!

Re: Shared Experiences - Need Help

Thank you for this, I shared it with friends in the Dallas area.

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