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staying fit as a part of everyday life

Is exercise a part of your life? Some of us walk every day and others don't. Some of us stretch in the mornings, limbering up our bodies as a part of our wake up routine. Many people reading this will now stop reading if the mere thought of exercise is apalling.
But some of us exercise in fits and starts. Some of us change how active we are and gradually or suddenly stop exercising. Injuries can interrupt exercise. So, sometimes, can moving somewhere with few sidewalks. Our mobility skills as blind people can sometimes impact how fit we are.
Please let's talk about exercise and staying fit.

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Staying fit

So glad you're here! My friend and I have recently started an exercise thing, too. I feel so much better, and have lost weight, too. My friend says the same thing.

I'm sorry you feel you can't walk outside. Have you had mobility training yet? That should make you feel more confident in walking around, crossing streets, and such.

Meanwhile, the bike seems like a great plan.

Re: staying fit as a part of everyday life

Hi. I just joined this group today at the suggestion of my doctor. I became legally blind one year ago. In that year I've gain 118 pounds. I've decided to do something about it and am going to start using my exercise bike. I can't see well enough to walk outside so this is my best option. I'm not a fan of exercise so Wish me luck!

Re: staying fit as a part of everyday life

I can see but have glaucoma and different issues
in both eyes.
I swim, 3times weekly then bike as a supplement on the weekend or walk. However, I tripped last Monday over a huge step and fell, so that even though I did swim that first wed after, it just hurt more. BAD decision!!!

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