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Students doing a project, need first hand accounts

Hello, I'm an undergraduate student at an art college on the east coast majoring in interactive design and game development. I'm working on a project right now that is attempting to visually/sonically interpret hearing, touch, taste and smell from a blind persons perspective. This project is a computer game that may get some very big attention in the hardcore as well as serious game communities.

It is paramount on this project that we can, to the best of our ability, attain a visual/audio style and mechanic that simulates being blind. We are looking for people specifically who have lost vision at some time in their lives, and not people who have been blind since birth.

I would very much like to conduct an interview, preferably over the phone, with anyone willing to help; and not just with one person but with as many as possible. I very much appreciate any assistance you can give me and my team. You would be given great credit in aiding us, and again, we'd very much appreciate your help.

Please respond with your email address if you would like to help, and again, thank you.

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email harvesting

Standard practice is to post a link to a survey rather than asking for people's email addresses. Much safer for those you wish to interview.

Re: Students doing a project, need first hand accounts

When I was a younger man I build my very 1st PC. it was a chipset touted to be the fastest ever (that didnt last lol). It was a 233MMX and I played my 1st PC game no it called MYST. I loved that game and do wish someone could create something similar for the blind which I am now. I used to play RPG games as well as 3d games like Zork Nemisis and Lands of Lore.
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Re: Students doing a project, need first hand accounts

I don't know if there is stil a need for volinteers but if there is i would like to help. Even thoughi am only sixteen i would like to find out more. Email me

Re:Students doing a project, need first hand accounts

Post again and let us know how this project is comming along!

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