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Swimming Pool Lane Marker

Hi, My name is John Komer and I am an engineer, live in Ohio, and I have developed and patented a very unique swim aid. I would like to talk with swimmers of all ages who feel they may be able to take advantage of this type of equipment. Please read the following description and feel free to provide your thoughts. Thank you.

Swimming Pool Lane Marker for the Visually Impaired
***** Patented *****

I have designed this Swimming Pool Lane Marker to be installed into existing swimming pools with no pool modifications. The main feature of this equipment is the system produces a track of air bubbles the length of the swimming pool. A visually impaired person can swim on the surface of the water and feel the rising bubbles against their body. The location of the line of air bubbles with respect to the swimmer provides the swimmer with guidance. This guidance allows the swimmer to navigate the length of the pool without running into bordering lane lines.

A protective bumper pad is placed at each end of the swimming pool lane. This helps protect the visually impaired swimmer. The swimmer is able to identify the pool wall by means of water droplets falling a fixed distance from the pool wall. The swimmer can then anticipate the pool wall and elect to stop swimming before contacting the pool wall or perform a turn.

This equipment provides many benefits. First, the system allows visually impaired persons the ability to swim and navigate independently and safely. Second, it allows blind persons the ability to train and compete in swimming events along with sighted swimmers. Third, improve swim performance of competitive blind swimmers. Last, it provides a form of personal development and exercise for blind persons of all age and skill levels.

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Re: Swimming Pool Lane Marker

I would think an ear piece that beeps when you get near the rope would be a great way of knowing if you are remaining in the lane. Does anyone make something like that?
Donald The Blind Webmaster
The US Blind Resource Directory

Re:Swimming Pool Lane Marker

Hello John,

I am now blind, and want to to be able to enjoy the water as much as I can. I swim in my neighboorhood pool and love it except for not being able to swim straight. I lurch from side to side of my lane, much embarrassed, I would much appreciate it if you could tell me where and when it would be available.

Many thanks,

Janet Sand

Re:Swimming Pool Lane Marker

johnk, with regards to your swimming aid, I like it, you certinatly are approaching the problem from a new direction, most innovators are heading down the electronic avenue, which includes me,I do wish you all the best. One question, how does the effect of other swimmers motions within the pool effect bubble line. Russell Shearer Scotland UK

Re:Swimming Pool Lane Marker

Is John Komer's swimming pool lane marker being sold anywhere? -- I work for a university and we may have a student coming that will be on the swim team.

Re:Swimming Pool Lane Marker

I am a swimmer in texas. I've been a swimmer for three years. I compete in local, state and national compatitions. I'm not totally blind but I can only see some color and a little shape out of one eye. I joined the swim team for a relatively equal playing field and for the most part it is. we have done some marker systems to help me get stroke counts. all of which I've done away with at the end of last year. now I have swimming down to a formula I came up with and I don't even open my eye's during practice. I can see this being helpful for a younger swimmer but as they get more experence and have more compatations they will need to get stroke counts so they can adapt to new pools. and I hate to say it but you will hit your head a least once and we're not the only one's who do that normal swimmers do it to. and you will hit the lane lines. that is more of a blind thing but all the same. you can learn to provent it and just ajust your suit to fit the problem.

Re:Swimming Pool Lane Marker

You might want to try contacting the following organization:
United States Association for Blind Athletes (USABA)
Membership Organization - Consumer
National Organization

33 North Institute Street
Colorado Springs, CO 80903

Phone #1: (719) 630-0422 (Local)
Phone #2: (719) 630-0616 (Fax)

I think their membership would be interested and be a good source of feedback.

Good luck

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