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Thrill Seekers?

How many of you are thrill seekers or adrenaline junkies?

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Re:Thrill Seekers?

I am a sighted male. A blind person can make a tandom jump. Then it's like a carnival ride and the instructor does the work. They're not going to allow a blind person to go static line. My first jump was a static line jump at 3500 feet. It was from a Cessna 182. I was the first one out of the plane. I got out on the step and held onto the wing strut with both hands. Then I inched out a bit more so my feet were off the step and I was just hanging onto the strut in the wind. I looked over my left shoulder at Gomez, my jumpmaster, who was sitting in the door with the other end of the static line in his hands. When it came time to jump Gomez gave a nod. Then I just let go of the wing strut and immediately did a hard arch with my body. As I fell I saw the plane above me flying away. Suddenly my parachute opened and I was under canopy, so I reached up and released the brakes. The parachute was a Manta. It's a common ram air canopy for students. Since it was my first jump, they gave me a radio. Someone on the ground was watching me and helped me steer my parachute to a landing. Skydiving is fun, but it's a very dangerous sport comparable to scuba diving. I don't suggest anyone try it. I've made about 200 jumps and I never got hurt. Lucky me.

Re:Thrill Seekers?

no sadly but i want to really bad as well
I wanna ride that Batman coaster in Ohio some day as well as that one in Jersey thats the fastest in the world those would definitely be thrilling.

Re:Thrill Seekers?

I have done skydiving and bungee jumping. Bungee jumping if awesome, but nothing beats skydiving. Skydiving is more intense than any roller coaster. Lindsay, have you been on Kingda Ka? I haven't and I want to ride it really bad.

Re:Thrill Seekers?

Roller coasters are my life in the summer time, I've ridden some of the fastest ones on the east coast. Last time i was at Dollywood i road the Tennessee twister like 10 times and they're latest one Mystery mine 20 times it was so much fun
I wish i could of gone this past summer but my orthopedic doc said it would be a bad idea for my back =(
i wanna try bungee jumping and skydiving eventually

Re:Thrill Seekers?

well, I've always wanted to go skydiving

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