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Urgent advice needed regarding relationship.

I am a sighted person interested in a blind guy since the past many years. I tried everything to get closer to him as heard that blind people don't trust others easily. I invited him out for coffee, to discuss business plan etc,no reply. So I calmed down and stopped chasing him.
Recently, I contacted him again when a friend of mine told me that she saw him in town. I contacted him on facebook as he is in my friends there, to go somewhere for coffee. And after two three messages he replied back and we agreed to meet at a cafe. I was looking forward to the meeting, but was so nervous that he don't know what is in my heart,and what if he doesnot like me. Anyway, he stayed for coffee and after an hour asked for leave as he had to finish some work. Later on around 6pm I text him to let him know that I enjoyed the drinks and suggested that it would have been better if we stayed longer to know each other more. I got reply from him next day in the morning that he enjoyed it too and that he is going to another city to collect his documents!!
I discussed this with my friends and all of them said that it seems he is not interested and that I stop any further contact with him to avoid any more humiliation. My point is that maybe he was not comfortable with me as it was the first time we met each other personally and that I should try and contact him again.
Despite my friends advice I sent him a message on facebook again asking about his trip etc. No reply yet. I want to ask the other people who are on this forum what should I do now? Whether I keep on contacting him and asking him out or just drop the idea considering maybe he is not liking me?
please help, this is something very important for me.

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Re: Urgent advice needed regarding relationship.

I am a totally blind man and I find that woman want nothing to do with me because I cannot drive or they have to help me do certain tasks which require being able to see and they just don't realize even though we cannot see we still have a heart and feelings and can be hurt just like somebody who can see. In my past I found out because it has happened to me in my first mairrage the woman was with other guys and actually said to me at the end of it that I could not see what she was doing or who she was with so I couldn't prove it so it didn't happen. A person has to really pay attention to their feelings and try to trust the other person but be careful also.

Re: Urgent advice needed regarding relationship.

I agree with the straightforward approach. It could be that he lacks self confidence and really isn't getting that you like him. Or on the other hand, maybe he just isn't into you, but you gotta take a risk and just ask. This would work well if a lady said it to me, " I want you to know that I like you and would like to get to know you better. If you feel the same, please email me." If he doesn't get back within a few days, then you have your answer. If he is a shy type or maybe insecure, this should bring him out. Good luck.

Re: Urgent advice needed regarding relationship.

Lay your heart out straight like you would for a sighted guy. Just because he is blind does not mean he doesn't want to find someone to share his life with. But he can read your facial expressions or flirty eyes. You need to spell it out even if that means you may not get the answer you want. If I'm crying I literally have to take my partners hand to touch my face because he has no idea.

Re: Urgent advice needed regarding relationship.

Yes. I guess I do have trust issues. As a gay man personally I want to find someone for a monogamous relationship and have posted ads on craigslist in my area but have had little success finding someone who I feel is truly honest.
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