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vegetable and herb gardening

One of the only things to plant in autumn in a vegetable garden is garlic.
So that is what I am doing.
I have a four foot by eight foot rectangle with wood boards on each side to hold in the soil. It is called a raised bed since it sits above the ground by about ten inches.
I plant in it each spring and fall. So now I am loosening the soil. Then I will plant one garlic clove every eight inches and harvest a head of garlic from each clove some time next July.
Other than that, I am removing dead tomato plants and getting the garden cleaned up for winter.
Gardening is something a blind person can do well. I have grown beans, tomatoes, beets, lettuces, herbs and other things for years.
Happy gardening. Do ask any gardening questions in case you too want to start planting things.
Some herbs come back year after year, once you plant them. They are called perennials. In my climate, chives, sage, oregano and rosemary are probably perennial. If mine come back next year, I will let you know. So nice to be able to cook with my own fresh herbs!

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pasta with last summer's veggies

I am going to have pasta for dinner with last summer's harvest on top.
My garden is covered with snow. My freezer is full of last year's harvest from the garden.
Now that the sidewalks are sometimes covered with ice, it is nice to have veggies in the freezer along with herbs such as basil, and parsley that I picked last summer.
I just went to the freezer. I took out a ziplock of tomatoes, green, yellow and red peppers, parsley, basil and garlic.
Last autumn, when the tomatoes and peppers became ripe, I cut them up. I put chopped parsley, chopped garlic, chopped basil and a sprinkling of black pepper on them. Then I put everything on an oiled baking sheet and roasted them at 375 F. until a lot of the moisture evaporated and the tomatoes browned and carmelized a bit.
Then I put the mixture into freezer ziplock bags.
The yellow and the green summer squashes do not freeze well. So I eat them during the summer.

Re: vegetable and herb gardening

Wow! I am inspired to see what you are doing. Gardening is always rewarding for anyone. It feels really good to grow fresh things.

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