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Want to be Friends

Hi I'm Bree,

I've been visually impaired since birth. I would really like a fellow visually impaired friend to talk to. I'll also be starting college in September .

You could be sighted too as long as you're willing to listen!! ????

Contact me at

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Re: Want to be Friends

Hi. I'm Anexis.
I'm going to start college in September. However, I find it difficult to relate to people sometimes because some don't understand me which I don't have a problem with, but msome are never willing to listen. I would really like to make some friends either near or far away. You can contact me at

Re: Want to be Friends

hello. Looking to chat with you or anyone else who would love to chat also I find nobody on face book really wants anything to do with a totally blind person so male or female any age just if you like to chat with a new person well, that's me lol, new on here so not sure how this all works. Tried leaving posts on watercooler and it says my post was accepted but I could never find my post so I must be doing something wrong. If somebody can help me out also on this posting thing let me know also. Might be best to email me at that way I know I will get the messages thanks take care and love you all xxx.

Re: Want to be Friends

Hi Bree! You may also want to post on the "Water Cooler" message board. Many folks are gathered there simply to connect as friends.

Shannon Carollo

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