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Web-Braille and book-share nuestion.

Hello, I am looking fore some digital books that I could on my braille note and I was wondering If anyone knew how to sign up on Web-Braille and Bookshare.

Do you have to go threw your school to get an account?

I've tried to sign up with both of them and I never receved the email with my password.
If anyone has any information please let me know on here, thank you.

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Re: Web-Braille and book-share nuestion.

I am joining bookshare this month so I dont have any experience though I have downloaded hundreds of books from BARD NLS and loved it. I do wish there was a place like NLS to download music too!
Donald The Blind Webmaster
The US Blind Resource Directory

Re: Web-Braille and book-share nuestion.

Yes, it is better for you to do it through your school 'cause that it will be faster.

Re:Web-Braille and book-share nuestion.

the nls one or web braille try your local braille library and for bookshare yeah, your school will do it and it's free that way.

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