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What are some activities you do or have done that are fun?

My name is Eric, I am an industrial design student at the University of Houston and I am doing my thesis on products revolving around people that are blind. Originally, I was thinking of doing a device that could help with movement or independence but after a general market analysis, there are a lot of products that currently already do that.
Instead I am switching my focus to products that can be fun and don’t have to rely on visual stimulation only. My end goal would be to design a product or system that is universally fun and playable to a person regardless of their vision.
To begin, if you could respond with what kinds of activities you do or have done for enjoyment or socializing that would be a huge help!
Also, if you have any other information or just would like to share some comments with me on what your experiences have been so far here is my email:
If there is anyone in the Houston-area I would love a chance to meet you and brainstorm over some of my concepts.
Thank you!

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Re: What are some activities you do or have done that are fun?

Hi Eric,

Leisure activities for folks who are blind/ visually impaired are really the same as those for sighted folks.

Just to let you know, there are already braille card decks and simple tweaks to make board games accessible.

Tell us an example of leisure activity you'd like to make accessible and we can brainstorm with you and let you know if there are already adaptions for the activity.


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