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What is Your Daily Routine?

I work 9-5 Monday through Friday. I get up at 5 and get ready for work and usually get back from work around 6, make dinner and watch TV or Listen to a book on my BookSense reader.
I havent figured out what to do on the weekends and am usually bored out of my mind. I can only exercise so many times you know.
What do you do on your weekends that keep you structured and happy?
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Re: What is Your Daily Routine?

My messages havent been appearing on here for some reason..?.. but i pray that this one does!.... Everyday i try to help someone no matter what it is... wiether it is through prayer, talking 1 on 1, or if i have something they need i can try to give it to them. If you need a friend or need to vent or anything through out the day i will try to check this every few hours... earliest 9 latest 8:30 monday through saturday!.... Anything it doesnt matter, if you need to cus someone out.. ill listen and take it, if you need advice, ill do my best~!... and if you need Love i can only keep what God gave me by giving it away!... I LOVE MY LIFE AND YOURS!! ....( I am a white male, im 20 years old, and i live in south florida for the next 18months! ;) if you need me im here) ~K.P.!!!

~My daily routine~

Everyday i wake up and thank God for everything. For my senses, my family, my smile, my breath, my knowledge, my wisdom/understanding, my friends, and my well-being.
I am in prison... before i was incarcerated i would get high, and smoke cigarettes and spend alot of my time wasting my life away!...
I am 20 years old i have 18 months left in prison. I am currently studying many things. I study anesthesiology, HVACR, and whatever i can get the material too. I am not blind nor have i ever even broken a bone, but i do know what it feels like to be stuck in a place that has little to no hope in it!... The feeling of your parents, siblings, and friends forgetting about you hurts so bad!... I dont want sympathy i just want to share and help through my empathy!.... LIVE, LAUGH, & LOVE!!! ~ Kenny

Re: What is Your Daily Routine?

I go out to restaurants, shop for food, and other stuff too. I collect music and quotes on twitter a lot. hang out with friends. find something you like to do for fun. find some interest.

Re: What is Your Daily Routine?

I hike with friends and with our dogs. I garden (not in winter of course). I also am a pretty good cook. When I can, I go hear music. I used to cross-country ski (see Certainly, some of this is exercise, but the outdoor kind rather than machines. I do not play music, but do go hear friends of mine play.

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