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Where do I find games for my mother?

My mom recently lost most of her vision at age 83. She loved playing hand held card and video games She also loved to read and although I have bought her books with large print, it is still very hard for her. Can anyone direct me to a store or website where I can find these types of things for her? I am not even sure where to find playing cards with large numbers and will appreciate any help I can get. I want to help her because she in such a depression and I am worried. Thank you...Susie

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Re:Where do I find games for my mother?

A good web site to find games for all ages is: Check it out and see what it has to offer. If I find another one I will post itASAP. Good luck...

Re:Where do I find games for my mother?

You could try this site http://WhereCanIFindGamesAt.Com and just do a search. Hope this helps.

Re:Where do I find games for my mother?

if you type in, talking games for the blind, you should find what you need. i hope that's helpfull.

Thank you!

Thank for both responses to my message , you are both so kind. I will let you know how I make out, I am desperate to get a smile back on her face. It has all hit her so fast, she has been in fraile health for some time now, but was able to handle that as long as she had her vision.

Re:Where do I find games for my mother?

Try LS&S or MaxiAids
Both have large print cards and other games.

Re:Where do I find games for my mother?

Hi, Susie.

There are many online stores which sell the type of products you are looking for.
sells many talking products: clocks, watches and games
both sell products for the blind, including various games

Good luck, and email me at if I can help you further.

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