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any Harry Potter fans?

Hey Everyone,
Are there any Harry Potter fans on here I can chat with?
Write back if you want to chat! My name is Abby btw.

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Re: any Harry Potter fans?

Hi Abby,

I'm not really a fan of nonfiction movies. However, my favorite character in Harry Potter is the intelligent and clever Hermione. She's smart and I like intelligent people.

Until next time,

yes, finally

yES pls seems we got to stick with what we got, wish there is more of the movie...anyone wishing for more of harry

Re: any Harry Potter fans?

Hello Shannon,
I have noticed that no one is replying to my various posts and I've also noticed that I'm not recieving email subscriptions about the posts I've posted and other posts I've tried to track. Is there a way that can be fixed? I've posted about this on the comments for afb message board, but no one has gotten back to me.
Hope things can get resolved!
Hope you're doing well!

Re: any Harry Potter fans?

Abby, there seems to be an issue with message board members not receiving an e-mail alert when there are new posts. I'm not sure if people are seeing your messages!


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