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common interests and problems

hey y'all I am looking for people that have some of the same interests as me so we can compare notes also when I was born I hadfluid build up on my brain and they gave me a shunt to drain it, but the build up affected my optic nerve so my eyes were crossed and I had corrective surgery when I was four they could not fix it completely so my right eye still crosses and I don't get much vision out of it. I have very mild CP and no depth perception but I was not supposed to live and if I did I would not really function but I can function normally, but somedays it is hard to deal with.

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Re: common interests and problems

Yes, you should qualify for a anxiety dog. You could get a guide dog if you went to Gdd, Guide Dogs Of The Desert. They accept people with other disabilities besides blindness and they are good at handlqg anxiety.

Re: common interests and problems

If I remember correctly, there isn't much to getting a dog qualified for that, like getting a note from a doctor. But, I don't believe it falls under the definition of a service animal in accordance with the ADA -- not definite about this. I think the impact is that dog guides can be brought pretty much anywhere, but the dogs that you are referencing can be turned away. I don't think there is a real hard certification for that type of thing, but I could be wrong.

If you look into it, let me know what you find out.

A lot of lobbying and such went into getting service animals the access that is deserved. Just my two cents.

All the best!

Joe S.
AFB staff

Re: common interests and problems

Awww how cool sometimes I actually wish I qualified for a guide dog I have wondered if I would qualify for a ceritified emotional companion dog cuz of my struggles with anxiety

Re: common interests and problems

I have 5 horses and I have my own horse named Shorty. I al have a black Lab guide dog, Wizard.

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