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Frying food

Hello Everyone,
My user name is Kansas2000 and I was just wondering if anyone has any advice for the blind on frying food such as fried eggs and fried chicken. Anything is greatly appreciated.

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Re: Frying food

Yeah very interesting.

Sarah and Wizard

Re: Frying food

Hey guys,

There are a ton of cookbooks out there and in accessible forms. Most provide cooking times and heat level or temperature instructions. I use a talking meat thermometer for meats and such. But, I also just time certain meats and such. You have to think about the size of the piece of food that you are cooking and thickness. Eggs can be done with timing and knowing the heat level. No doubt.

Great discussion!

Re: Frying food

I would go by smell and feel for the eggs. Usually if you have your pan nice and hot it doesn't take long to cook eggs. As far as grease frying, I would go by smell. Usually there is a aet time the chicken or other food should be done.

Re:Frying food

I'm sure you will, my mom told me that the place i'm going to will teach me how to cook. So far my biggest success and strive with cooking is i can make a pizza almost from scratch

Re:Frying food

I hope I learn how to cook at daily living skills training.

Re:Frying food

sorry everything i cook comes out of a box right now. But i think Washington state school for the blind has a few videos on the subject on Youtube.

Re:Frying food

Sadly, I don't think I could cook anything if my life depended on it.

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