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hey everybody

I haven't posted in a long time. The semester just drew to a close and I am now relieved of a little excess stress.
I am currently enjoying my freedom from school, the fact my parents are gone, and I am trying to learn Bark At The Moon by Ozzy Osbourne which is proving to be a nice challenge which is very nice right now. Speaking of Ozzy, does anyone like him? I also discovered that I hate clearwire today, if anybody wants an email acount just use gmail or yahoo. I hope something happens this weekend, I need something to do, because I am very restless.

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Re: hey everybody

I don't like rock music. I like country. Does anyone else like country?

Re: hey everybody

I've never heard of him.

Re:hey everybody

Iron maiden is deffinatly a black sabbath classic and I love playing it. Crazy train is good, but the rest of the blizzard of Ozz album is also pretty good.

Re:hey everybody

I love his music

Crazy train and iron man are some of my faves

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