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How do you access online educational materials?

February 1st – Celebrate Digital Learning Day!

Okay, February 1st is coming up real quick on us. You may be wondering, "What is the significance of February 1st?" Well, it is not Groundhog Day that is February 2nd. It is not Valentine's Day – February 14th. It is not Presidents' Day – February 20th. It will be Digital Learning Day, a nationwide celebration of online learning, technology, and educational systems.

The celebration honors the great innovation that has been made in the delivery of educational content through the web via webinar, webcast, podcast, eLearning courses, apps, and more. It truly is an exciting time for education because this allows people in remote areas to access learning content and continue their education. I know that I have personally taken a number of online classes and viewed webinars, webcasts, and podcasts. I love my iPhone, which gives me access to amazing educational content via apps.

The American Foundation for the Blind offers digital learning through the accessible eLearning Center. There is a free self-paced, online course about navigating the employment process, the Job Seeker's Toolkit. Please check it out – it was created aimed at teens and young adults, just like you! All you have to do is register with AFB CareerConnect ( If you are already a a CareerConnect user – just go to your profile and select the check box associated to taking the course. You can find the course at:

How do you access educational content and courses electronically? Please let us know and celebrate the great innovation!

Joe S.
AFB Staff

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Re: How do you access online educational materials?

I can't.

Re:How do you access online educational materials?

I usually use Google. lol

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