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who likes movies? and which are your favorite ones?

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Re: movies?

I have watched pretty much every holocaust movie ever made. Harry Potter is fantastic, I love both the book and movies.

Re: movies?

I never knew that Anne Frank was a movie. My favorite movie is the fith harry potter one. I also like saving private ryan and a bridge to far since I read that book which was really good but long. I'm a fan of history movies and books.

Re: movies?

Yep. I went through a huge holocaust phase movie wise. I find them very interesting. Defiance, Valkrie... that one with Kristen Dunst in her younger days

Re: movies?

up is a nice one!
have u watch Anne Frank?

Re: movies?

I Love Movies! Though my list is VERY long. Some of my favorites are... The Wolf Man, Frankenstein, UP, despicable me, house on haunted hill, I am legend, mission impossible, Mclintock, True grit

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