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new song ideas

hey everybody im new to teen connect. im in a band and we are currently writing a song about how life is like with a disabilitie and how people around you treat you. im looking for inspirations from anyone on here so feel free to tell me what your life is like and how people treat you. thanks.

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Re: new song ideas

Life has been awesome since I got Wizard. I get positive reactions now instead of negative reactions and people not wanting to talk to me.

Sarah and Wizard

Re:new song ideas

My problems have been with adults that don't under stand and accessibility to some it up
My former Ec teacher accused me of faking my vision and I can't travel my home town without people that were stupid enough to believe the rumors burning holes in the back of my neck so to speak. Which things have taken a drastic turn for the better since I got a diagnosis of optic nerve atrophy I have gotten better cooperation and accommodations. As far as traveling at school it's gotten to where I can leave a few minutes before the bell saving me from tips snapping in two. The best experience I have had tho is riding the city bus for the first time I had never felt so independant before hand. So long story short I feel like my life's a rollercoaster

Re:new song ideas

My life is quite nice, actually. Sometimes rude children will make fun of me or laugh at me, but a lot of children are very supportive in my community. So many people call my cane a stick, and others like to jump over it. But sometimes, they just wind up getting tripped by my cane, and then the cane will bend.

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