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too old for it, can you help me?

hey everyone,

i think i should start off by saying i am a loner i love reading and music and doing stuff with my family and sometimes with friends,
i am 18 years old and i am starting college in a few weeks and over the summer i met some people on skype and IM who at first seemed nice and cool, but after a few weeks i noticed that they were acting like little kids playing kids games and making mess's and then running away

starting stuff and then blocking who ever and it was so odd knowing that i was younger then them and I've never acted like that but i know that has alot to do with how i was razed lol, but anyway to the point i need to find friends who are my age or at lest act there age i don't want you to be boring just able to talk as if you are not just coming out of 6th grade wink

i know i am young and i have a lot of room to grow and take life one step at a time, i get it but I've never really cared for people acting like little kids when they are much too old to do so. at times it can be fun to joke around with your friends and i really do love all my friends but i would like to make some friends who are a bit older and i don't just mean in age

plus it would be nice to all so meet someone who has family large or small and cares for someone like there mom or dad with a sickness, illness ect......i care for my mom who has a life long illness. i have for a long time and i think it would be nice to make a friend who can understand what is like someone around my age would be grate seeing as the other people my age i've try'd to talk to about it are so young in there views of the world around them even thro they are my age, it's so easy for them to walk away from there familys and never look back for years some for good reason but others are just being young lol. it's hard to be one of the group who wants to care for someone other then there self at this time of my life

so if you want you can add me to skype or googletalk,AIM,yahoo IM, hotmail. i have them all lol just ask for it

my email is

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Re:too old for it, can you help me?

Don't worry. I'm not one of those imuture kids.

I know how you feel Re:too old for it, can you help me?

Hey my name is Paulina and iam 16 and i hate immature people i may knot be that mature as other people but i don't act like a child and i have met people like that before and i didn't like it at all Paulina

Re:too old for it, can you help me?

I'm only 12, but I think I act muture for my age. I understand your problem.

Re:too old for it, can you help me?

I have had the same problem. I am 17, and all my friends are younger than me, but we have a lot of fun because we act our ages and we like doing the same things.


Re:too old for it, can you help me?

Good luck to you too.

Re:too old for it, can you help me?

thank you for your grate comment, it hope to make my week just that bit better wink

and yes it helped me and i think it will help others who read it, i wish you the best in life


Re:too old for it, can you help me?

I totally understand what you mean, it's hard to find people who are mature and act appropriately. I have the same issue at times, yes i love to have a sense of humor but sometimes people take things too far.
I think its sweet that you care so much about people and your family. i am the same way. I have not dealt with others' illnesses but i did raise my little brothers for my mom when i was just 12 years old so I know about devotion to the family.
Hope i helped.

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