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white christmas?

heyyy guys! anybody ever have a white christmas? with snow? ive never had a white christmas with snow since i live in the south and it doesnt snow here. it gets cold but no snow, just rain and sometimes a mix of slush and rain but no snow

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Re: white christmas?

I've never had a whiqe Christmas.

Re:white christmas?

cool are you going to the city?

Re:white christmas?

lucky! wow! i am coming to new york over spring break im so excited!

Re:white christmas?

I live in new york so it always snows on christmas. Sometimes we even get snow days because we cant get to school in the winter

Re:white christmas?

I've heard it gets hot whair you live. Rofl.

Re:white christmas?

i wish it would snow here lol!

Re:white christmas?


Re:white christmas?

OOOO! heck no! your joking because it has snowed only a few times and man i wish i had one

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