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Yo what's up

Hey guys, I've been superdooper busy that I've been ready to yank my hair out for the last 2 months...

Just kidding. lol. But I have been super busy. My galaxy tab2 is working as I would like it to. It is second nature to me now. iOS is my first nature. I actually went to a mall near me and there was an apple store there, and I forgot to doubletap instead of singletap. Anyway, I got this bluetooth speaker called "Jam" by HMDX and, man, I've got to tell ya guys, that speaker will blow your mind when you hear it, it is insanely loud and powerful. If you listen to top 40 pop and stuff like that with a lot of bass, it will be the perfect speaker under $100 that you can get at best buy. I LOVE MY JAM.

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Re: Yo what's up

Hey Tyler,
What's up?

Re: Yo what's up

Hey guys,
I'm all for ios devices since they're the most accessible touch screen devices for the blind. I've used my friend's i-phone and I love it. I want one but my parents won't pay for the phone plan that you have to get in order to use the phone.

Re: Yo what's up

Sorry about your iPod. That would suck!

Re: Yo what's up

I'm pretty much all IOS devices. I hope to get the 5g soon.
Sorry about your iPod touch,

Re: Yo what's up

Yeah, me too. But the Galaxy tab 2 is perfect for music, and YouTube videos. Its not perfect like an ios device, but it is a suitable replacement, since my iPod touch got stolen. I still kind of want the 5th generation because it looks cool.

Re: Yo what's up

That's cool! I want the iPhone 5.

Re: Yo what's up

This sounds cool, I was actually talking about getting a good speaker. I will check this out. Thank you! I will go check out this week or next week. Very cool.

Joe S.
AFB Staff

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