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Binocular glasses

I would like to see if anyone know if they make binocular? Spelling glasses? I have trouble seeing a white board while taking notes in a classroom. Sometimes it's hard for me to get close enough to see. Help I want ti be able to do my job.

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Re: Binocular glasses

Check these

Re: Binocular glasses

Hi I saw your post and thought I;d reply. When I was younger, I did have glasses that had a monocular drilled into the right lens. However as I grew and got older I out grew the glasses and could never find anyone to make me anothers et. My original one was drilled by a military doctor. Now I just use a monocular for reading the white boards. I do know that binocular type glasses do exist I just don't know where to get them. I would possibly start by making an appointment with a low vision specialist. In the meantime if you go to your disabilities accomodations department at the college you attend you can request a note taker. Hope this helps.


Re:Binocular glasses

I use a monocular that works pretty well. I have often thought it would be really cool if they made monocular glasses. This would be great not just for the classroom but also for sporting events and concerts. This is similar to what I use here:

I actually bought mine at Target originally but I'm not sure if they still carry them or not. I hope this helps!

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