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Books on tape

How do I access books on tape? I've heard of a service that requires only a yearly fee, and the tapes arrive in the mail. Anybody know how to find such a thing? I'm assisting my aunt who has macular degeneration. Thank you!

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Re:Books on tape

Regarding the lady who had books on tape to donate, I work for a hospice company and we would LOVE to have the books for our patients if you still have them.

Re:Books on tape

I have many tapes on books I am looking to give away, my father recently passed and he was going blind. he had many, many books on tape, if you would like them just let me know.

Re:Books on tape

you can go to the library and get them that way by the way reply to my message called makeup and better grades please

Re:Books on tape

The National Library Service from the Library of Congress provides free books on tape to anyone that is eligible. For more information you visit their website at or call them toll free at 1-888-NLS-READ.

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