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Long Wheite Cane

Are there any websites I can go to to learn more cane techniques.

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Re: Long White Cane

BARD has the following book.
The care and feeding of the long white cane: instructions in cane travel for blind people DB 37053
Bickford, Thomas. Reading time: 1 hour, 49 minutes.
The author, blind himself, begins with instructions for novices in cane
use and continues with step-by-step advice on walking within buildings, following
traffic patterns, and using public transportation. Also discussed are recreational
hiking and dealing with inclement weather.
I also think the Hadley School for the Blind has materials having to do with learning mobility skills.

Re:Long Wheite Cane

Thank you for that info.
I have been out of school for couple of years.
I did have a cane teacher.
I just like to see if I can learn any more about canes, wich I am good at that.

Re:Long Wheite Cane

This article on AFB Senior Site may be helpful:

And the AFB Directory of Services offers a comprehensive list of agencies that offer in-person training:

And this article on offers some good general guidelines on how to learn to use a cane, but strongly recommends getting training from a Certified Orientation and Mobility (O&M) Specialist:

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