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? about blind needs

I'm currently a mechanical engineering senior and am required to do a senior design project. i am not blind but would like to do a project that would assist with the visually impaired. Is there any mechanical or electrical device that would assist with making everyday life easier?

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Re:? about blind needs

Hi Mrs:Adowling.
I am so pleasure to know you,I am Hossam from Egypt,
and i work in a project may be simillar to your project,so
I hope to know you more and work together.

Hossam Nasr

Re:? about blind needs

Hello, My name is Dianne and my Dad is blind. Which has never been a real big problem, because my Mother was the care giver. However, for the past 10 years, the table has turned and now my Dad is the care giver for my mom. My mom is a brain cancer survivor, but she cannot get around by herself and she is no longer able to do the things she used to do. So she is my dads eyes, but now he has to do more things that he used to not have to do. mOst recently he experience a problem that I feel we should try to fix. Mother was having a stroke(turned out to be a sezure) but he was able to dial 911, but it took him 20 minutes to make the call to me. He was relying on my mom to look up the number or to tell him what the number was and she couldnt talk right. This is pretty scarry. I need to find out if there are things that daddy can record peoples numbers on or a better way to dial numbers. But he cannot write things down, so he likes to record them somehow so he can play it back.
Please let me know what your trying to do and if you are not the one to answer this, do you know whom we can contact.

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