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100% Blind and denied SSDI

My sister is legally blind and has been since she was 15 from a car accident. She cannot see anything at all. She didn't qualify for SSDI in the past because she had never worked. About 9 years ago she went to school for massage therapy. She has been doing that since but is having difficulty with arm and wrist pain. In the accident she broke all the bones in her face, arm and other areas. She had metal rods sticking out of her arm for months. She knows it is only a matter of time before she can no longer do massage. She is a single Mom of three boys and already has difficulty making ends meet. She gets some child support but the father doesn't make much either so what she gets covers very little of her children's expenses. She is getting some SSI and food stamps of $150ish (I think) but most months has to borrow money from family to pay her mortgage and other bills. She applied again for disability but they denied her because she is working and they say she is making enough. Her income fluctuates because it is based on # of clients seen. Also, my Mother has been driving her an hour to and from home to work all these years. My sister pays her gas but otherwise my Mom does it for free. My mother is having health problems and won't be able to help much longer either. The rest of the family works and is not available to drive her. She can't afford to pay anyone else to drive her. Because of the the good schools for her kids and being next door to our other sister, moving closer to work is not a good option. Plus my Mom would still have to drive from her home to get her and it would still be far. Public transportation for the blind is very limited and won't go to her house. Any suggestions on how she may be able to get SSDI? She called a couple attorneys and none of them had dealt with a situation like hers. Any suggestions?

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Re: 100% Blind and denied SSDI

Also you may qualify for tax credit, but please check this with IRS specialist.

Re: 100% Blind and denied SSDI

In order to get SSDI person must earned 20 credits. Also person must have no job when applying. Otherwise only option is SSI. Maybe there is something else or other ways. I wish you the best. Talk to soc. Worker

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