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24yo female diagnosed with Stargardts disease


I was diagnosed with Stargardts in Feb of 09. Since then I have went from 20/40 in my left eye to 20/250. My right is is currently around 20/50(Dr. appt. this month). These are vision scores were done with my glasses on btw. I dont drive because I have a hard time judging the distance of the cars and the fact that im also quite nervous( idk if thats what depth perception is or not). I currently work and i do use a magnifier for hasnt come to the point where I need to get a special computer or anything. Since im "partially blind" should i apply for SSI? I've been told by more than a few people that I should but after reading their site i thought i would need to be legally blind in both eyes w/ glasses to qualify AND not be able to work. Am I right? Thanks for your help!

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Re:24yo female diagnosed with Stargardts disease

Hi! I know someone with the same eye condition as you. She did not have to stop working. She could not be cause she was a divorced mom. She had adaptive equipement for herself so she could be just as productive as her sighted coworkers. She had no problem working.
If you qualify for SSI by the social security administration you can still work if you really want to.
Being declared legally blind does not mean it is the end of the road for you and you have to stop working
Don't give up your goals and dreams even if you are partially sighted. Social Security would help you figure out how much you qualify for depending on what your income happens to be.
You can be visually impaired and get large print software for the visually impaired.
Maybe you can get in contact with an agency for the blind and visually impaired in your area where they may have career specialists to assist you if you cannot stay employed where you are.
They can do an assesment of your work area and advocate for you to get your equipement to help you become productive at work. You can't do this alone unless you are wealthy.
I wish you the best.

Re:24yo female diagnosed with Stargardts disease

I've been visually impaired for several years now and in the last four I've become legally blind.
I've never had dept perception. So I think i can give you a pretty good idea about it.Its not being able to judge distances like how you described when you were driving.Its also not being able to see curbs or struggling to see them in a general since if you are struggling see your feet or the ground slightly in front of you standing strait up eyes ahead without looking down you most likely have little to none.Especially if you when your walking and you have to look down a bit.
As for the SSI I think you should go ahead and apply from what I've read on Stargardts correct me if I'm wrong but its a form of muscular degeneration and if you have a degenerative eye condition you are more likely to get it.
good luck i know dealing with it can be difficult at times,stay positive and remember Never back down.

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