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25 and facing blindness

I was diagnosed with histoplasmosis at age 15 and had a surgery to keep from losing my eye sight completely. I can only see centraly from one eye and have to constantly wory about losing that sight. I have had a good life so far and would like to keep t up if i end up going blind completely. How could i prepare? how could i earn a living? and provide for my wife and kids? these are thing that wory me about going blind.

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Re:25 and facing blindness

dear smilingquietkate im not sure if you will get this. But in 2007 you wrote on a comment i had posted. I just wanted to say thank you so much when I did a search for you on this site I saw you have commented on so many people. you are amazing thank you so much for the kind words they mean so much to me and others i am sure.

Re:25 and facing blindness

i use one and sometimes i dont like to as it makes me stand out! on the other hand it's handy for picking up things such as pavements going up or down as well as changed to different floor surrfaces.

Re:25 and facing blindness

hi scottie i am sorry this has happened to you. my advice is contact, i hope i typed that link right! It must be so hard for you, i have been blind since birth and in my free time i like acting and audio books.

Re:25 and facing blindness

Contact your local vocational rehab- more likely than not, they'll be able to refer you to things like orientation and mobility, braille, and independent living training. Connect with your local chapter of the NFB and meet some other successful blind adults. Remember, it's possible to work and make a living while blind, you just have to learn how to do it differently.

Re:25 and facing blindness

age 43 with rp losing my eyesight. my eye doctor I need to go somewhere to prepare when go blind so went to a blind center four years ago and helped me thor the furure.I would look for blind center or rehab for the you use a white cane? carol

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