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5% sight left

I am sighted and I just started dating a guy who has around 5% sight left. Yet, he seems to be able to discern colors and has an amazing sense of direction. I don't know if I can ask him directly, so can someone please tell me exactly how much someone with a residual amount of vision can see

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Hi! I am dating a woman who has sight. She is also pretty frustrated with understanding my vision loss. Be patient and simply ask him to explain what he mmeans by 5% vision. I have told her to ask me anything. Hang in there! Re: 5% sight left


Re: 5% sight left

Just like CruelAngel stated, it all depends on what he means by 5% vision left, it could be field of vision or actual central vision. I have less than a 2 degree visual field left in one eye, totally blind the other eye. Your best approach would be to ask him directly. Hope this helps.

Re: 5% sight left

It's probably easier to just ask him nicely. Someone saying they have 5% vision can be refering to many things. For example, they may have 5 degree field of vision, which would be tunnel vision (imagine looking through a straw). Or, conversely, they have may 20/400 vision (in which case, things would be blurry but he may be able to see large blocks of colour and items). Different eye conditions present differently.

You also mentioned that he has a good sense of direction... that could just be good training. I know people who are completely blind that can tell you where they are, even when they are travelling with me.

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