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7 y.o. w/optic nerve pit w/maculopathy

My 7y.o. daughter has been diagnosed with optic nerve pit with fluid leaking in and maculopathy has developed in the left eye, her vision is 20/400. We are going to Dean McGee Eye Institute 6/29 to a specialist. I am having trouble finding exact information on this, treatments, etc. Is there another name or does any one know where to find more information on this. She was okay a year ago, so this concerns me. Please help!!

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Re:7 y.o. w/optic nerve pit w/maculopathy

Hello, I would apprectiate your information concerning your treatment and outcome of this problem. My son is 10 yr. now and was diagnosed with this same problem years ago. It is now progressing to where his vision is impaired only 20/80 in left eye and obviously will continue to damage the retina and macular. Same occurance in the right eye, but not as progressed.
Can you tell me your experience and Doctor that treated your daughter?.
Thank you.

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