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9-year old suddenly blind in one eye

My granddaughter went to an opthomologist and was told she is blind in her left eye. The retina is healthy but the optic nerve is "asleep". They've prescribed a strong prescription in the hopes it will stimulate the optic nerve. They don't know why this is happening but attribute it to a growth spurt she recently had. Is this a reasonable diagnosis? Is there something else we should look into?

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Re:9-year old suddenly blind in one eye

my sister is blind in one eyes about two months .she was sleep and when she wake up at morning she could not see anything. at first everything was black but now she feel everything is white i am very sad and i do not know what to do

Re:9-year old suddenly blind in one eye

suddenly blind in one eyes

Re:9-year old suddenly blind in one eye

I have been blind in my left eye for 38 years it happened when I was 19. The last time I went to my eye doctor for all this time he commented it might be from your DNA that this happened, or because your mother was 37 when she had you. At first a long time ago when it happened we all thought it was due to a head enjury. But no one could exactly come with a conclusion. It is not so bad for the brain learns to compansate for it. I can machine steel to .0001 of an inch. She can dance, drive, even flie a plane. Yes she can get her piolts license check it out it will bring her hopes back to life. Just tell her to start by learing to pour milk in a glass and start from there.

Re:9-year old suddenly blind in one eye

0hi Amanda, i am totaly blind and have been since birth. I am really sorry you're feeling so scared, it must be awfull for you. I don't know what advice i can give you but i do know you're not alone. Best wishes from kate.

Re:9-year old suddenly blind in one eye

Hi my name is amanda and last november i went blind in my left eye and at first they diagnoised me with optic neuritisis but now they dont know what it is so i feel your concern im only 15 and i am so scared

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