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A difficult question about divorce...

Hello, everyone.

Before reading, please realize that this is very serious. I have been debating on posting this for months now. I really need help, and I do not know where to go anymore.

I am in a rather difficult and emotional situation right now. I do not want to be a burden to anyone in any way, shape or form, but I am desperately in need of some advice, if anyone is able to help.

I have been blind all of my life. I have no vision in my left eye, and a small amount in my right (20/2000).

I married my wife in 2004, and sadly the years have been long and rough. She is fully sighted ,and she has taken advantage fo the fact that I am unable to see the computer screen when she is using it. Multiple times she has been involved in a "cyber" relationship with different men.

Alongside that, there have been many other things which have led to contemplating a divorce. We have a two-year-old son together, who I love dearly. Without him, I would be utterly alone in my home. Practically all of my wife's time si spent on the computer, involved in social networking on Facebook.

It is to the point where I do the cooking, cleaning, and the taking care of our son.

I am almost at my wits' end. I love my wife, but I cannot take much more of the harsh treatment which I receive each day. Most of the time I feel like nothing more than a dog or a robot...

If I file for a divorce, I want to maintain full custody fo my son. The lifestyle which he woudl be brought into in living with my wife would be quite unhealthy for him.

I am very worried that, if I file for a divorce, an attorney would use my vision problem against me as far as gaining full custody of my son. I am able to take care of him very well, but I do not know hwo to demonstrate this to a court (if it would come to that).

I do not care at all about child support. I just want to be with my son.

I pray that no one else here has gone through something like this, and if there are any who have...I am so very sorry that it happened to you. The pain si excruciating...

Thank you for any input which you can give.

Please take care.

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Re:A difficult question about divorce...


I just read your post and thought I'd reply. First off I am very sorry to hear about your situation. I know what you are going through. I am legally blind and went through a similar situation. If there is any chance of saving your marriage then do that but if not then filing for a divorce is the best bet. A judge will not look at your disabilty as a reason for not granting you custody. He/she takes into consideration the best interest of the child. If your wife continues to be unfaithful I would have a close friend of yours or you if able to to start logging on and printing her history so you have proof of her infidelity. That is what I did. And by the way I did get full custody of my kids and have two more and a wonderful husband now. It will work out in the end just keep your chin up.


Re:A difficult question about divorce...

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Re:A difficult question about divorce...

I appreciate the input.

Personally, I do not want a divorce to happen. I love my wife, and have loved her since the beginning. I was ashamed to even ask this question, but I was at a total loss as to what to do, or even what to think.

I have tried to talk to my wife about these problems, but the end result was basically that my feelings and opinions did not mater.

What it has come to is that she has a bad addiction to the computer; it has been like this for years now. I am just hoping that things will change.

I want to be able to go on walks with her and talk with her as friends talk. The only time she really talks to me is if she wants something--something to drink, the dishes to be done, etc...or about finances.

I am just going to do my best to stick it out...and just pray for change.

I hope that everyone is well.

Take care.

Re:A difficult question about divorce...

hmmm...... interesting and difficult indeed. It's unfortunate that she does such things to you, but I have no idea what to do. Is she likely to want the kid after the divorce? I really, want to help but don't want to give you any wrong ideas.

Re:A difficult question about divorce...

I think most thing can be solved if we can talk to each other. If you still in love with her, I don't think the divorce happened in you. I mean, after some attitude change(both of you), things may appears to be totally different.

I think after so many year's relationship, it's not easy to split up. I still hope you cherish the chances still live together. There is no complete wrong or right in our lives. Please take care~

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