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A newbie that is 40 and dealing with going blind

Hello Everyone!

My name is James and I'm new here, and I must say it was a God send tofind this message board!

I like many of the other posts I have read am going blind and this has and is a big life changing event.

I look forward to reading all the posts and getting to know everyone!

Take Care,


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Re:A newbie that is 40 and dealing with going blind

Hi. I'm not sure if anyone still participates in this post, but it's worth a try. My boyfriend's sister is 40 and will be undergoing surgery next week for her visual impairment. However, there is the possibility that she will eventually be blind. My boyfriend is very generous and willing to help anyone who is need, but he has decided that if his sister goes blind, he will stop helping others and will basically be against God. He says it's not justified for something like this to happen to his sister who has never hurt anyone, not even in thought. She's a really good person. It hurts me to hear him say this as I feel that God has a plan for everyone, and it's not always what we would expect or want. But at the same time, I'm not the one going through it. But when I read these posts, it gives me hope that you all take it so well and are not angry with God and still give him credit and have faith in him. I don't know what to do or say to him. I just pray it is God's will for her not to go blind...or perhaps it is a lesson for him, I don't know.....

Re:A newbie that is 40 and dealing with going blind

hi im also new at this, i wrote in it last week but pushed wrong key on computer, so ill try again, my name is deanna and ihave been battling with eye conditions forever, i have always been severely nearsighted, but was able to drive during daylight hrs only, worked, went to school, no one really knew how nearsighed ireally was, i was able to hide my eyes be wearing contacts i felt like a new person iwas forteen at the time and looked like everyone else things started changing at age 40, contacts got harder to wear due to dry eyes, then at age forty i was deagnoised with glaucoma, now eight yrs later my eyes got blurrier, developed a blind sopt in right eye, anyway , dont want a long story so now im going through a setup surgery for glaucoma, hopefully to save what little vision i have left, i miss my eyes i pray that this surgery will keep from complete blindness, but, whatever God gives me i will learn to deal with it. take care everyone dee

Re:A newbie that is 40 and dealing with going blind

I am 54 years old and have spent the last 6 years trying to find a diagnosis for my decreasing loss of vision. In the past 6 months I have been diagnosed with cone dystrophy. The left eye is legally blind and the right eye is decreasing in vision daily. When the cause of the vision loss was idenitfied, I was able to start accepting the loss of my vision. The most fustrating issue is adapting visual aides to be able to function at work. Hang in there!!


My wife has no sight in one eye and is now complaing about the other....our concern is that she may be going blind. She is 36 and we have two young there any reading material that will help us prepare for the worst case scenario.
Many thanks

Re:A newbie that is 40 and dealing with going blind

Hey everyone...sorry it has been so long since I have much has been going on in my life that it's hard to keep up with it all...
This is Oct. 3, 2006 and my last post was in march...where has this year gone???
I did go to Emory and all the testing went fine...but believe it or not...the results of my vision loss were quite "out there". The specialist said that my vision loss is not due to any particular "eye disease" but has resulted from years and years of migraines...that were due to years and years of stress...has anybody out there ever been told this by their specialist?
You can write me at if you'd's easier for me to find messages from my email...
Hope everyone is having a wonderful day...keep your heads up...

Re:A newbie that is 40 and dealing with going blind

Hello Again

I can't believe its been so long, yet I had to cut every expense I could to get back to a postive cash flow with the lose of my income.

Thank You All for your kind words and advice and most of all for being there and listening.

I had just written a post here but for some reason it seems not to have posted so if this post appears twice its not that your seeing double rather I goofed plain and simple.

While my vision continues to fail I am happy to report that I am adapting (some times not so easily) but I believe I have faced my demon and for now I am winning. I however reserve the right to whine at a latter date and if I do just ask me if I would like some cheese with my whine.

Again Thanks for all your kind words and most of all for listening.


Re:A newbie that is 40 and dealing with going blind

Hi everyone
My name is Mike and Im 46
I have been blind in my left eye since 97 due to an accident and was told I now have sympathetic ophthalmia taking my right eye I have gone from being able to read to some days just being able to see light and shadows but that is usually after going to the doctor
my wife and family could not be more supportive thru this
I feel very blessed this way ...i feel i need to be doing something to prepare myself while i have some sight
remaining im just not sure what ive always been very
independant and i dont giveup easily im just kinda stuck
i think lol
any pointers would be greatly appriciated


Re:A newbie that is 40 and dealing with going blind

Hey James and everyone...I turned 42 on 3/ going tomorrow to Emory Eye Center to have some testing done. They are: Electroretinography (ERG), Flash Visual Evoked Potentials (VEP), and Electro-Oculography (EOG). Ever heard of any of these? For the past 7 years I have been "seen" for Macular Degeneration. (It runs in my, we know how that diagnosis came to be...) On the 3rd of Jan. this year, a different specialist said I didn't have MacDeg.,but he didn't know why I only have 20/400(R) and 3/200(L) worth of vision. I must say that I am nervous about having these test done. Sometimes I feel like a lab experiment...WAH!
Okay, I feel better.
I do agree that there are many adjustments that we have to make from one stage to another. I have found out that in my case, once I got to that "point" of making the best of each circumstance...sooner or later it was all good. You just hang in there James, and talk to the people who have been there and done that. Personally speaking, I may not be able to help you, but I am a great listner...we all are. Just keep you head up...we all have an important purpose for being here...sometimes I think that God lets those of us (like all of us and you) who are strong, handle life's curve balls that most other people can't even imagine ever having to "adjust" to. Just don't give up. You are so very important, and much needed by everyone around you who loves you and cares. My address is if anyone needs to talk.
Peace and God bless.
Elaine Skinner

Re:A newbie that is 40 and dealing with going blind

I am also new to this message board and 44. I was told I was going blind when I was 41. It took 2+ years to accept that there this is out of my hands and what will happen will happen. I could not have done it alone. I made it to this point with the support of friends and family and a little white pill I take every day. Dont be afraid to ask for help. This is what I have learned. People love to help and feel needed. I was in a rush for the first 2 years to take mental pictures of everything for fear that I would never see these things again. My daughter's face, my son's smile, the trees, the world. I worked until last October and now adjusting to a new phase of blindness. If you would like to chat, e-mail me at or Hang in there, it does get better, I promise.

Re:A newbie that is 40 and dealing with going blind

Hi James,

I am writing a book and I have my own posting four down from yours called Blind, Single and Living Alone. You may not fit this profile exactly but I am interested in what you are going through (emotionally, professionally, etc.) as you lose your sight. Thank you for anything you feel like sharing with me.
If you prefer you can email me direct at

Re:A newbie that is 40 and dealing with going blind

Welcome and yes it is a major change.

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