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Activities of Daily Living

Hi, I am seeking assistance with, or information about activities of daily living. I am in the New York metro area, and can easily get to Manhattan. Are there alternative resources available which I can access, independent of interacting with vocational rehabilitation agencies? Or there forums or youtube videos and podcasts on the subject? Thank you.

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Re: Activities of Daily Living

I agree with Hanibal that we may be able to give you assistance and advice if you are more specific about what you want to learn. Also, check out who have courses on adapting to blindness which may cover some of the topics of interest to you.

Re: Activities of Daily Living

There are many assistive devices available to make the people go free with the daily activities. Recently my friend got the walk in tub installed for her dad who was in need of the assistive help. Walk in tub avoids the need of any kind of assistance and gives freedom to the user while they are busy doing their regular stuff like bathing. They have consulted walk in bathtub Scottsdale professionals for the tub installation and after the installation, her father feels free and independent in his bathing and enjoy his bath like a normal person.

Re: Activities of Daily Living

I'm sure you can google anything you can think of or are having issues with and find suggestions. We could also try and help here if you could be more specific. many times websites who supply assistive devices for daily living will also be returned from a google search.
I would advise as well, don't write-off vocational assistance completely; afterall, this is what they were educated to do.
I have always been fiercely independent, but I spent a week of days at the Pittsburgh Guild for the Blind when I was 24 and learned some things. Also got to play a great dart game during lunches. LOL
happy hunting.

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