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Need help with finding the right care , Doctors and medication. any suggestions?

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Dear friend I had read your eye problem and like to give you some guaranteed method for your eye health.Dear friend we all know life is cycle of giving and receiving and we receive what we give to this world and in what quantity.This law created by the god and an universal law.If we give love we receive love,give money receive money,give happiness receive happiness in much more quantity.So if you make a difference in life of blind persons your also eye problem is disappear beacause you give vision to anyone by help,so gradually you receive vision.So I kindly request you to donate money for minimum one operation of poor person in India.One cataract operation for poor person in india cost only $65.It my personal experience because I face serious eye problem for 5 years of my life.So don't think just donate kindly.Below is the address of India's top hospital who do free surgery for poor.


Philadelphia may be a very good facility but if you google World news and Health Report" you can find the best hospitals in the nation for almost any condition. Bascom Palmer Eye Institute in Miami Fl is supposed to be the #1 Eye hospital in the nation. DO YOUR HOMEWORK CAREFULLY....I have been to both The Cleveland Clinic in Ohio and Bascom Palmer in Miami for AION.


hey, sorry for being a dope. i googled this, and it kept coming back with some japanese game, so i looked it up on a medical site. i'd recommend contacting wills eye hospital of philadelphia. best eye hospital in the country, maybe even the world, many, many eye conditions are treated there. they could at least get you in the right direction.


for what condition?

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