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Am a bit confused... Your help is greatly appreciated.

Well first off I am a 29 y/o VI male living in California. I have lived in both Carlsbad CA as well as the suburbs of SF. I am finding the same thing out here as I did in Indiana. Relationships have been tough for me to find/cultivate and keep as I have not found the right person for me. So any way...

Does any one have suggestions to get past the body language barrier that dating relies so heavily on? For instance. I have been told that eye contact is key in dating. That is all well and good but if you can or can not see the person from across the room how can you tell if they are looking directly at you and not someone else? I am asking because I have seen some of these "signs" someone is interested in you only to find out through talking with the person that they were meant for someone else. Any one have any advice on how they have dealt with dating as a blind/VI/Sighted person?


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Re:Am a bit confused... Your help is greatly appreciated.

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