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Am I doomed?

At birth i was given an unfortunate condition in which i can only see out of one eye. I know now after reading some bulletins from users im not the only one but one question still remains, am i going to be crippled by my misfortunes. I am only 16 and have my whole life ahead of me, and having a successful enjoyable career is one of my main priorities. I have searched long and hard and it seems impossible to find such a job with 20/200 in one eye. Am i going ever going to be able to get my drivers license, a job, a semi feeling or normalicy? any advice and or comments would be greatly appreciated.

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Re:Am I doomed?

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Re:Am I doomed?

i am sure you will do well. i know plenty of people who are totally blind and very successful. i know teachers and paralympic athletes and people working in the blindness field as well as masosche therapy. there are also many famous people who are blind or visually impaired. like helen keller who was also deaf and she wrote many books along with other things. there is stevie wonder and ray charles who are musicians. and there is dr. nemeth who invented the math code for braille. and louis braille who invented braille. there is eric wheinmeyer who is completly blind and climbed mount everist. so these are many examples of people who live very successful lives with limited or no vision. also you could look at the career connect site which is run by afb as well and there are stories of visually impaired people in successful careers and you can email them as well to ask about their jobs. there is also a site i think is called or something like that about successful people with vision in only one eye. hope this helps good luck

Re:Am I doomed?

When I was 15, I lost the central vision in my right eye due to hemorraging of an abnormal blood vessel in teh back of my eye that caused scar tissue damage, leaving me initially with 20/400 and now after 25+ years it is at 20/200 but fluctuats. My left eye was corrected with glasses or contacts to 20/20 at times and as low as 20/40 at others, now being 20/70 in the last year due to some other issues. Although I had to wait to get my drivers license initially, I was able to get it and only recently stopped driving when I no longer felt safe with the 20./70 reading. I have been an office manager, bookkeeper, business manager, secretary, newspaper reporter and warehouse worker. For me the concern with driving was depth perception iwth only one good eye and it was usually that I thought I was closer to something than I was--that was a good thing. I learned to compensate. There is no reason you cam't live a normal life if the one eye is good.

Re:Am I doomed?

Your fine. Im fine. I'm 21 and working at a local television station with a successful career ahead of me. I was born blind in my left eye because the optic nerve for that eye only grew 3/4 of the way when I was in the womb. Driving is easy, you'll just turn your head more than others.

Re:Am I doomed?

thing are not that bad you can do alot just try to be happy .. when one door closes another open's ...
Keep your head up ..

Re:Am I doomed?

You'll be fine..... I have about 20/20 in the right eye corrected with glasses. I have like 20/1000 in the left eye, and am clinically blind in that eye. I got my driver's license at 16 and am a nurse. You can work with most careers with one eye. However, I think commercial airlines may have some restrictions on monocular vision. It depends on what you wanna do I guess. Good luck! Don't worry.... I've been clinically blind in the left eye since birth & am fine.

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