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Anniversary Present

My boyfriend is blind, and I'm trying to find a good 6 month anniversary present for him. I have a couple ideas, but most prevalent I saw those pocket watches that you can get personalized. I wondered if anybody had ever heard of a way to get a braille pocket watch personalized in Braille, I think he'd like that. I have about 3 weeks to get a present, so prompt replies would be preferable. If anybody has any other good ideas I'd really appreciate them. Thanks

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Re:Anniversary Present

My wife was totally blind and one of the first things I got her was a talking clock and watch at radio shack. cost only about $20.00.

Re:Anniversary Present

Hi, my name is Paulina iam 16 and legally blind but knot totally blind i think i maybe to help i think that you should getting a talking watch try looking for them at radioshack or maybe a music device like a I Pod or mp3 player if doesn't have hope to here from you soon sorry this is so long good luck Paulina

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