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Any GDD Grad out there who want's to help me?

Hi all! I'm thinking of applying to GDD, but most of the guide dog handlers I know went to other schools, so really I don't have anyone who can tell me their experience. Is there any graduate out there who wants to get in touch with me? Or anyone who knows a graduate and knows a littel about the program and how different it is to other schools?
Thanks in advance!

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organizations of Guide Dog Partners

Out of curiosity, what is it about Guide Dogs of the Desert (GDD) which appeals to you, since you seem to know more folks who have trained at other schools?
Schools are usually happy to speak with prospective clients. The school itself may tell you how their programs differ from those of other guide dog schools.
There are also organizations of folks who use service dogs who may be able to provide you with information comparing various schools and their programs.
Here are two of them.
Guide Dog Users (GDUI)
National Association of Service Dogs
All the best to you wherever you train.

Re: Any GDD Grad out there who want's to help me?

Yep, it stands for Guide Dogs of the Desert, a school in California.

Re: Any GDD Grad out there who want's to help me?

Can you tell me what GDD stands for? I'm not sure I can connect you to anyone, but I'm curious... Thanks!

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