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Any nurses with visual disabilities?

Hi all. I'm a 28 year old female from VA., USA. I have been clinically blind in my left eye, due to a congenital cataract & lens abnormailty that I've had since birth, called "posterior lenticonus." I see fine with my right eye with glasses. However, I have recently developed some annoying eye floaters in my good eye, that are distracting. I became an LPN in 2007, and am hoping to go back to nursing school this fall to be an RN. I was just wondering if there were any other nurses here with a visual problem? I haven't really met any other nurses in person with a visual disability. Take care all!

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Re:Any nurses with visual disabilities?

Hi! I am a 29 LPN just diagnosed with RP and having a hard time with it.

Re:Any nurses with visual disabilities?


I have my BSN and am working towards my MSN of Education and Disaster Management. I have been been a nurse for many years and was diagnosed with retinal damage and central vision loss also legal blindness in my left eye since I was 14 yrs old (am now 50) related to toxoplasmosis.

It has taken me years to adjust but I have compensated well. At times it does interfere with detailed work as a nurse, however I have learned to close this eye and work solely with my right which does help for intricate detail.

I too have acquired floaters in my right eye but this has not progressed to anything that interferes with my profession. I often worry about what other problems could happen, but my faith helps me in being hopeful for no additional problems..

I just found this site and will come back from time to time to check resposes and hope to hear from you soon... Good luck and many blessings your way... Joy

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