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Any one with PANUVITIS

I would like to get imput from any one that might have what I have........

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Re: Any one with PANUVITIS

Just Choroideremia here.


Re:Any one with PANUVITIS

I am also diagnosed with Panuvitis.

vision lost due to panuvitis

im a nepali student ant one of my frind iz totaly blind due to panuvitis since5days.and we are scared due to this matter.he is of 25years male and now he iz totally blind,so if any suggestion,would be thank ful.the doctors are still trying ther label best but no he is totaly blind and hopless.waiting for a good response as soon as posible..

Re:Any one with PANUVITIS

My name is katie , i am 25 years old and i have 3 young children . I was diagnosed with panuvitis on tuesday october 2nd .The doctor didnt explain it too much but i am very scared , can someone please explain it better for me ? --scared in buffalo ny

Re:Any one with PANUVITIS

I am 40 now and was diagnosed with the big P when I was 9 years old. My doctors at the time said that a young person getting this was very very rare and they never actually were able to tell me how I got it. I still have some vision in my left eye but lost all my vision in my right eye. Due to a lot of doctors telling me that Pretnizone was the best way to treat the Panuvitis. At the time maybe it was but I paid the price with detached retna later on that was caused by medication. I actually went to school got my Masters degree and doa lot of work for people living with vision loss. I have a lot of great resources if anyone needs to know anything about living with low vision just email me

Re:Any one with PANUVITIS

I really messed up the spelling...I know it is scary. I have a really good Doc. He has sent me to different areas for suggestions. There are treatments that can slow the progression down. Some of the treatments sound worse than they really are, actually they all sound worse than they are. I have been coping with this for about 7 years. Have you lost any of your vision? I am so glad to hear from you. I am 34 years old. A stay at home mom. I have came to realization that I can achieve more than I give myself credit for.

Re:Any one with PANUVITIS

I was diagnosed with Pan Uveitis this morning. I am currently waiting on the blood lab results in an attempt to find out what caused it. I am a Sergeant First Class, Scout Platoon Sergeant in the Army. I have been looking at articles on this all afternoon. None of them are good news. I'm dredding my next appointment with the opthamologist.

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