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Any Statistics for College-Educated Blind Unemployed?

I've read a stat published by AFB showing that 74% of legally blind American adults from ages 18-65 still are unemployed.

Does anyone out there have an idea about how/whether this differs for someone who is both legally blind and college-educated--as with a bachelor's degree or a postgraduate degree?

This question came to me from a blind man in my area who is a recruiter, and I had no educated answer. Thanks to all who can point us in the right direction.

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Re:Any Statistics for College-Educated Blind Unemployed?

I want to finish out my college degree but I've got to say that colleges do not make it easy for those who are blind and visually impaired. I actually am hoping to finish out my degree online. Anyone else go the online route?

Re:Any Statistics for College-Educated Blind Unemployed?

I can;t say my answer is educated but I'm sure there is both college educated and under educated people in that statistic. I, myself am working towards becoming the 26 percent with a job! With no college degree.

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