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any suggestions about my blind eye

Hi, I am new to this site and want to see if someone can give some suggestions.
I am from China, I am pursing my PhD study in USA. My right eye hurt when a rob pierced it in my 3 years old and I’ve been blind in my right eye since then (I’am 28). There is some white cloud covering my pupil. It seems that the white stuff has been growing slowly over these years, which makes it more obvious of the disability.
It didn’t bother me over the years. But now I am a little worry that it will impact my job hunting and establish a family. I didn’t go to see a doctor for many years. I am wondering there are some ways to make it look better. Thanks.

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Re: any suggestions about my blind eye

I think the best suggestion would be to see an ophthalmologist to see if the scar tissue could be removed safely without damaging the eye. I also agree that a contact might not work or could make it worse again talk to your doctor before deciding on what would be the best for your situation.

Re: any suggestions about my blind eye

I agree. See an Eye Physician soon. It is difficult for us armchair physicians to evaluate. There may be an easy solution, if not they can tell you what your options are.

Re: any suggestions about my blind eye

you mentioned a white cloud covering your pupil.... do you know if this white cloud is some sort of scar tissue? You should probably talk to a doctor about it.

Depending on the extent, I'm not sure if a contact lense would cover it up. You may have to go with sunglasses, which don't look the best at job interviews.

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