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applying for social security disability (in the future)

Greetings all,

My name is Al and I am new to this group. I am 44 hears old and have been legally blind since birth (I have coloboma of the optic nerves).

I currently work a full time job, but I have been looking into the possiblity of SSDI in the future. I do have kind of a funny dllema - I have no medical records!

I stopped getting regular eye checkups many, many years ago (my eyesight generally has been the same my whole life), and the last opthamologist I went to no longer has my records. I do have a lteer from Helen Keller Services for the Blind stating that I am legally blind. I had a letter somewhere stating I have coloboma of the optic nerve, and what my vision is in each eye.

I plan on going for regular checkups now, this way by time I am 55, or example, I'll have 11 years of history for them to look back on. Would this be enough to satisfy the people at the SSA, or would I need to do something beyond that?

Thanks in advance!


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Re:applying for social security disability (in the future)

I think Supertwinpower may have confused SSDI with SSI. There are no restrictions on receiving SSDI based on the amount of assets you have. The only requirements for SSDI are that you are currently not employed, meet the disability requirement for blindness, have medical documentation and referrals supporting this disability, and that you are unable to hold down gainful employment due to the disability. If you have any further questions you might want to check out because they have tons of great information that my doctor recommended.

Re:applying for social security disability (in the future)

Hi : I think you will find that every state is different in the
way they pay ssdi. I live in florida here you have to be leagaly blind 20/200 in each i corrected or worse.I was turned down the first time in less than 30 days, which
ment they did not do any checking at all.So i went to an advocate gave him my medical records , went to ssa DR.
for a check up and recieved my ssdi retroactive for the
first year. I can no longer work an will not be able to work
ever again because of my eye's.I can see but every thing
is out of focus and i have tunnell vision the DR's say it will not get better .I hope you can resolve your ssdi.
good luck!!! lost in the web is my messenger name
if you can catch me on line lets chat.

Re:applying for social security disability (in the future)

Hi, just so you know SSDI is based on income then disability. If you make or have enough in the make to survive per their guidelines you do not qualify. My daughter was denied a few times, because our income was over two thousand a month. Which is enough for a family of four. Another parent I know fought and ended up receiving thirty dollars a month for her son. I was told my daughter can reapply when she is 18 and does not have income. The whole system I honestly believe is a fraud. I have since people with limps or a studdering problem and are eligible. Its pretty disgusting. My brother in law went through dialysis and a double transplant and was denied. He really can't work due to his fragile health. The social workers at the hospital helped him and he now gets 600 a month. But if he ever works again he loses all his SSDI income, so he's stuck with it. You dont need a medical history chart to apply. They want a current medical document or letter stated your disability. Then you have to show your bank, mortgage, work and pretty much all your financial statements. Oh yeah and if someone else in the household works, regardless if its just your roomate, their income is combined with yours. your best bet is to keep working and retire with SSI. Good luck to you

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